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First name Sydney
City Tampa-Orlando
Native country US USA
Current country US USA
Age 19
Gender Male
Native language EN English
Studied language FR French
ZC Chinese (Cantonese)
ZZ Other
ES Spanish


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Instagram XXXXXXX
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Hello Language Exchange!

So happy to find this website! My name is Sydney, I am a Linguistics student at the University of Florida and I really love learning about languages and cultures. I hope to contribute to the field of Second Language Acquisition, surprise I'm on this website :)

My native language is English
I speak Spanish, I can hear most stuff in French, still floundering at a tourist level in Cantonese

I want to meet people who will talk regularily in Spanish, French, Cantonese, but if you speak another language, I am glad to learn some of that too!

I like music, food, cooking, game shows, science fiction films, animals and the game mafia

If you have any questions about central florida, whether tampa, the space centre, treasure coast, polk county, orlando or disney, I am more than happy to answer ( lived here my whole life :p )

Here to make friends and learn 😁

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First name Sydney
City Tampa-Orlando
Current country US USA
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