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She speaks :  Korean
She looks for :  English language exchange
Hello my name is haseoung and I'm Korean. I live in Aus for Workingholiday and I just took a break of my university. I want to make real friends in Aus. So let's meet sometimes and eat something while exchanging our languages!
He speaks :  Korean
He looks for :  English language exchange
영어가 모국어인 분과 좋은 친구가 될 수 있을까해서 가입했습니다. 호주에 온지 4년이 지나도 듣고 말하는게 쉽지가 않네요. Hi, I just want to make a friend with a native English speaker who lives in Gold-coast. Don't need to stay in Gold-coast if you can just contact with me by text or email etc. If there is someone who is interesting of Korean, just contact me. Thanks. ^^ English name : Jay